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Analysis: Biden Performs A Little TOO Well at Recent Town Hall

CNN is facing backlash for seemingly easy questions given to Vice President Biden at last week’s drive-in town hall event. While the event was held in Scranton, PA, noticeably missing from the audience was The Office cast. 

Moderator Anderson Cooper posed biased softball questions for Biden, who still managed to fuck up his answers. Talks between the former Vice President and the Tar Pit publication indicate that the next town hall meeting may be conducted in Chapel Hill.

Trump, on the other hand, said his questions from a similar event hosted by ABC were far more challenging. Tough, hot-topic issues were thrown at the President such as his stance on whether water is wet, and which Pop-Tart flavor he enjoys before his nap time. At one point, when discussing track and field, Trump became confused and said his favorite race is “white.” 

The straw on the camel’s back for him, however, was the troublesome inquiry of what the date of Election Day is this year. Replied the President, “November..?” Immediately after the town hall, Trump scrambled to Twitter to confirm that the election is, indeed, sometime in November.

Republicans complained that Biden’s town hall turned into a Trump roast session. They must not be aware that the mainstream media itself is a Trump roast session. Biden’s overall responses capture his candidacy as a whole: less than adequate, but inescapable nonetheless.

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